The Student Missionary Internship program or SMI is based on the belief that it is only through the personal application of accurate Bible Truth in a person’s life that one can truly be what God desires him to be.  When God’s Word is diligently put into practice it makes the student effective and fruitful for the Lord.

To equip the youth with the tools they need to effectively reach others for Christ through a VBS(Vacation Bible School) ministry or other mission. SMI is designed to disciple young people in areas of Bible study, ministry potential, and service to the Body of Christ.

Purpose #1:  To See Youth Blossom and Learn to Take Leadership
We provide fellowship with other youth.
We create an attitude of outreach.
We help youth develop and maintain a strong relationship with the Lord, their parents and other adults.

Purpose #2:  To Accomplish Evangelism
We provide outreach to children.
We provide outreach to children’s parents.

Purpose #3:  To Accomplish Discipleship
We help youth discover their gifts and how to serve.
We work with youth who have accepted Christ grow in Christ.
We work with the youth to become leaders in their church and youth group.

Purpose #4:  To See Christian Growth
We encourage spiritual growth.
We encourage physical growth (work).
We equip the youth to stand against the pressures of society.
We work to establish Christian leaders.

Prayer- Students will lean the value of prayer as a part of their regular life as well as the benefits prayer provides in the success of a ministry.
Personal devotion – Students will learn the value that personal daily devotions play in their lives.  Students will be required to journal.
Scripture Knowledge - Students will be required to place to memory key passages of scripture that are useful in sharing the gospel of Christ.
Faith Sharing – Students will be required to deliver the account of their salvation experience and use that experience to lead others on a path to Christ.
Organizational Skills – Students will be instructed how to plan and implement a VBS including: team development, lesson planning & preparation, craft planning and preparation, activity planning and preparation, snack planning and preparation, praise and worship planning and preparation.
Financial Planning – Students will be involved in setting a budget and seeking funds to implement a VBS with excellence.
Promotion – Students will plan and execute the promotion of a VBS to the Children of a community.
Recruiting – Students will learn the value of asking for help in the implementation of a VBS ministry, including what to look for in a volunteer.

Format & Expectations
Around ten weeks of classes (once per week).  Attendance is required.  Classes will be held at the Youth Room at Calvary on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM. Other times may be needed. 
Participation during Calvary’s VBS.  Dates to be determined.
There will be one pre-trip for event promotion (day trip).
There will be one pre-trip set-up day. 
 Five day National mission trip Date & location to be determined.
There will be homework including, but not limited to, journaling, writing their testimony, memorization and specific assignments related to the development and production of a VBS curriculum.

Students will be expected to sign a commitment to attend all classes unless they have an excuse signed by their parents and approved.  They will still be responsible for any assignments for classes that they happen to miss.
Confidence in sharing their faith
Serving now
Team building – Strengthening relationships
Leadership development
Mission experience
Connect the youth with adults
Opportunity to impact others for Christ
Positive presence in Norwalk
Positive presence in the mission location

250 Benedict Ave, Norwalk OH